Tink & Jupiter

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Cast of Characters

March 15, 2018

Tink (voiced by Zelda Kimble) discovers one day that she can talk to machines, but when everything spirals out of control, she sets out on the streets of Arabi, a suburb of New Orleans, to right the damage she’s caused.

Stevia (voiced by Maria Perniciaro) is tougher than most kids her age and rough around the edges. Her insecurity causes her to lash out, and she enjoys bullying Tink.

Otto (voiced by David Waguespack) is gawky but gregarious. He’s easily distracted but latches onto Tink when he discovers her newfound ability.

Jupiter is a retro gaming system that repackaged all your favorite games from the 90s. After its heyday, it sat in Tink’s closet for years. Now it’s on the hunt for adventure.



Madeline (voiced by Cate McMillan) is Tink’s mom, loving if not a bit out-of-touch with her daughter. Religious, but not a zealot.

Microwave (voiced by Jason Talley) sits above the oven and beside his frenemy, the toaster.

Toaster (voiced by Steve Yamada) is a traditionalist and enjoys his simple life of making toast.

Oven (voiced by Noah Lindsley) is the elder statesman of kitchen appliances.

TV (voiced by Bob Murrell) enjoys being the center of attention and hawking products.

Laptop (voiced by Lynae LeBlanc) is terrible at keeping secrets.

E-Toothbrush (voiced by Lynae LeBlanc) lives in the bathroom and wonders at life’s toughest questions.

Air Conditioner (voiced by Aaron Matheney) desires more than sitting in the shade.

Francine (played by Amber McMillan) is Tink’s next-door neighbor. She just wants peace and quiet without sentient machines messing that up, thank you very much.

Alarm Clock (voiced by Jamie MacDonald) would rather be snoozing.

Driver (voiced by Gavin Robinson) is minding his business on St. Bernard Highway.

Vending Machine (voiced by Will Monson) lives by an old tire shop near the river. He is possessed with an entrepreneurial spirit and has a sticky chute mechanism.

Cashier (voiced by Jordan Aniese Garner Raby) works at South Street Grocery and wishes she had called in sick today.

Cash Register (voiced by Stephanie Perniciaro) hates when people stuff money in her mouth.

Manager (voiced by Stephen MacDonald) is the cashier’s boss and an authority on where the charcoal is.

Worker (voiced by Bob Murrell) has found meaningful employment at Arabi Cannery.

Can Seamer (voiced by Katie Garner Leonard) has the sole purpose of attaching lids to cans at Arabi Cannery. She wishes she could go outside.

Security Officers (voiced by Nathan Norris and Brian Debs) watch over Arabi Cannery and have active imaginations.

Police Officer (voiced by Jake Madison) doesn’t like kids.

Car 247 (voiced by Alison Logan) is a police cruiser who goes wherever she’s needed.

The Rats of the Attic and the Ratkind Council (voiced by Leon Perniciaro and Jon Nathan Raby) speak in rhyming couplets and live at the dump.