Tink & Jupiter

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March 15, 2018

Tink & Jupiter was recorded in Gentilly, New Orleans, and takes place all across Arabi, Louisiana, a suburb just down river of the city proper. Some of the geography was changed for storytelling purposes, but we can assure you that lucky beans are a real thing.

(Talking rats, however, are not.)

Chicken Patty Mondays is a small cooperative of old friends who grew up in Arabi and other parts of St. Bernard Parish. We ate discs of processed chicken every Monday in our high school's cafeteria, and though the school might not exist as it once did, those crunchy lumps of poultry paradise will live on forever in our memories. We have many projects in the pipeline, so stay tuned!



This podcast wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our friends and family, who continually stepped up whenever they were needed. Nathan would like to thank his wife, Jordan, who allowed her house to morph into a recording studio and never complained. Special thanks are also due to Stephanie Perniciaro, who for ten years has been a sounding board for ideas good and bad and who contributed to this project in ways both big and small.

Thanks to Steve Yamada and T. Cole Newton for providing much of the recording hardware we used. You can catch them at their biweekly podcast, A Round with Steve and Cole, hosted at Cole’s Mid-City bar, 12 Mile Limit.

We would also like to acknowledge the vast source of sounds that is freesound.org, where nearly all of the sounds used in this podcast were sourced. In particular, the voice of Jupiter and our music all came from the aptly-named Little Robot Sound Factory. "8-Bit Sound Effects Library," "Fantasy Sound Effects Library," and "Thoughtful Music Loops Library" by Little Robot Sound Factory are licensed under CC BY 3.0.

Finally, our delightful art work was produced by Matt Lubchansky, a New York-based illustrator and Associate Editor at the Nib. Check out their weekly web comic Please Listen To Me and follow them on twitter.